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The story behind SHE Unbound

We grew from a dream..

that started a long time ago with a little girl that would pick up rock after rock and fill her pockets before heading home to display her “crystals” on her dresser .

Can anyone relate to both pockets full of rocks so heavy that you weighed 10 extra lbs? Or maybe your shirt folded into your chest cupping all the treasures you found throughout your journey? Or maybe being kind of a loner?

That little girl was me, Sami West. I have always been a natural born healer (and crystal lover!) from the time I can recall. I loved helping others problem solve and organize things.

 I never really fit in with any certain group and I was alone a lot of my childhood. I had to figure out ways to entertain myself and find joy in the small things and that is what ultimately led me to this moment I am sharing with you right now!

We grew from a dream..


That led to a friend..

Halfway around the world! Because I had this wild dream of somehow one day making a living being a Crystal Healer and a Reiki Practitioner, the universe said, “You need a best friend to share your journey with!” 

I always am a believer in that things happen for a reason and you can manifest what you need at that very moment, so why else would my husband get a job offer clear across the world in Okinawa, Japan, other than to make my dreams come true, Right? Well, I seem to think so! 

Chelsea was brought to me in the midst of one of the biggest transitions of my life. I had been in the beauty industry for over 18 years and had just started doing services in Yomitan, Okinawa when she came to me as a nail client. I was so unsure if that was really my calling, but I know now that if I had transitioned a minute earlier I would have never met this bright soul right here. Divine timing if you ask me!

Fast forward about a year, with a ton of smiles, tears, doubts and triumphs, she has always pushed me (in a good way!) to go for what my soul is calling for and..

Always encouraged that it can be a reality!

Who encouraged a reality!

Within a matter of months of saying my manifestations out loud, that I really was going for my dreams and making them a reality, I saw it all just happening for me in real time!

In August of this year I remember a specific conversation I had with Chelsea. I was talking about how I really didn’t have a true passion for hair and nails anymore and that I wanted to pursue Crystal Healing + Reiki as my main gig. When I said that out loud it literally gave me chills and triggered something within me that led to me being guided to follow my heart. I decided it was go time!

After countless hours of writing hundreds of names down for my business and going through ones of possibility, I asked the universe for some divine guidance, and like always, completely delivered a hundred fold! September came around and I found an old note card that I had saved. On the top it said SHE moons on it which was part of a retreat I attended in Utah (where I am originally from.)  I immediately knew I had to have SHE in the name and it had to stand for something that had deep meaning. Now all I had to do was decide what it would be. 


One day, after my journaling and meditation practice, the acronyms were just laid out to me in my head, *Sacred Healing Energy Unbound* just like that! At the snap of a finger I had nailed a name down and I didn’t really even have to think about it! The universe was on my side with this one!

Everything else flowed effortlessly, from the logo design, to the promo shoot (where I just so happened to meet the sweetest web designer who wanted nothing more than to help me out), all the way down to the very last detail of the perfect business cards that I had always envisioned! 

And here we are today, getting ready to launch this heart felt, soul driven business for all of you to experience!

It started with a dream, that led to a friend who always encouraged a reality!

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