SHE Unbound

Okinawa Sacred Healing Energy, Beauty & Retreats


Follow along with our Sacred Healing Energy journey as we encourage you to learn about holistic healing and get to know our loving lightworkers.

The story behind SHE Unbound

We grew from a dream.. that started a long time ago with a little girl that would pick up rock after rock and fill her pockets before heading home to display her “crystals” on her dresser . Can anyone relate to both pockets full of rocks so heavy that you weighed 10 extra lbs? Or maybe your shirt folded into your chest cupping all the treasures you found throughout your journey? Or maybe being kind of a loner? That little girl was me, Sami West. I have always been a natural born healer (and crystal lover!) from the time I can recall. I loved helping others problem solve and organize things.  I never really fit in with any certain group

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