Beauty Unbound

Sami’s beauty services are unlike anything that you have ever experienced. She has always dreamt of somehow combining the spiritual realm with her beauty services to offer something so unique and powerful to the world.  These packages will allow you to embody the whole meaning of inner and outer beauty equally. They will be filled with learning how to love yourself from the inside out and connecting to your highest self. 

She started beauty school way back in 2007 with the dream to help women really understand what it is to love themselves completely. Now, with the combination of beauty and spiritual services, she can actualize her dream to help women do exactly that. She is so excited to show you how this all comes together with Beauty Unbound.

Find Self Love


Beauty is all about loving yourself first. Finding that vital piece of you that is so unbelievably bright. A part of you that has always existed but might have been forgotten or ignored. 

This process can be difficult and feel overwhelming at times. Loving that person like a best friend and letting ALL of you shine through on the outside with no reservations is hard work, as Sami knows from personal experience. She can relate to your struggle with the time it takes to even get a few steps past the beginning.

That is why she has spent countless hours finding a way to assist you on the path of finding the love for yourself and being confident in that. She wants you to know that it is okay to feel just as good on the inside as you do on the outside, and to show it!

Sami Styled Session

Find True Confidence

Within yourself

Beauty is also about finding your self confidence. There is a difference between just saying that you are confident and actually exuding the feeling where everyone around you notices. We, as women, are taught from a young age with all the media that we have to have the perfect image in order to be accepted and that our bodies may not be worthy. Sami has first handedly experienced this pretty much her whole life. 

This is the reason she has created this wonderful merging of the inner and outer worlds where she brings to you specially curated services unlike anything you have seen before. She designed these beauty services to help you conquer the obstacles that present themselves when it comes to loving yourself, and to guide you along the path to beautifying your whole being.  

"Here at SHE Unbound our main priority is finding the balance between the physical, mental, and spiritual practice to stay as close to yoga's roots as possible."
Chelsea Baker
Yoga Instructor
"Here at SHE Unbound our ultimate goal is to help you find the connection between your inner and outer beauty to build your confidence and let it SHINE."
Sami West
Beauty Educator

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